Atabey is a 5 piece Pop Punk, Post-hardcore band from New York. They have played numerous shows which include co-headlining Webster Hall more than once, performing at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, New York and Arlene's Grocery Store where bands such as Saosin have played before.

Atabey began in 2007 When vocalist, Eddie James and bassist Josh Agudo decided to put together a band that defined uniqueness, creativity and rebellious music.

The journey began when both men recruited Jessie Rodriguez as their guitarist, Manny Colon as their lead guitarist and Nija Walker as their drummer.

With diverse, influential musical taste, all 5 musicians put together melodic, detailed and inspiring music for everyone to enjoy. With a growing fan base and popularity among the New York Music local scene, Atabey has then continued to impress fans with vigorous live performances and stimulating, captivating, melodic lyrical and musical structures.

Atabey draws the influences from acts such as Finch, My Chemical Romance, The Used and Senses Fail.



Atabey Live at The Shillelagh Tavern Clip 2

Atabey Live at The Shillelagh Tavern February 8th

We’ll be performing with The Legendary **Michale Graves** [Former singer for The Misfits] Saturday March 29th LIVE at Blackthorn 51
Tickets are availble and are $17 pre sale and $20 at the door. If you or a friend or relative are fans of The Misfits and Michale Graves the man himself… YOU HAVE TO COME TO THIS SHOW! It’s an Honor sharing the stage with one of our
most influential heroes. For more information regarding the show, please click on the link below. Also, we’ll deliver tickets!